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Melody Movement

These classes introduce children to dance and movement using natural actions. The syllabus is designed to help children’s physical development, co-ordination, concentration, creativity and self expression through a dance format. Spatial and self awareness are also developed.

Classes are firstly introduced to children at 2 years old in the form of a Parent & Toddler group. Parent participation encourages toddlers to explore their physical ambitions. These groups then progress to our Pre-School classes for children aged 3–5years old. Children attend with their peers.

We look forward to seeing you and introducing Melody Bear.If you have a special bear or doll that you think will enjoy the class as well, please bring him or her along.

Adult Tap

These classes will introduce you to basic tap dancing skills which will progress from term to term. Dancing will help develop co-ordination and rhythmical skills but most of all will provide a FUN way of keeping trim!

Participants can also work towards exams through the National Association of Teachers of Dance if they wish, and also participate in our productions.